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Palworld saves vary based on the server type in use. There are four main methods for hosting a server:

Hosting a local co-op session
Using SteamCMD to host a dedicated server
Setting up a dedicated server on Windows
Setting up a dedicated server on Linux (used by DatHost)

Transferring saves between systems can lead to a bug requiring the creation of a new character due to differences in player GUIDs generated by different systems.

Transfer Save from Dedicated Server

Transferring a save between dedicated servers is possible across different operating systems.


To import your save, you need:

  • players (folder with all characters)
  • Levels.sav
  • LevelMeta.sav 

Locating Save Files

From another server provider: Use their File Manager or Filezilla to access the folder /PalServer/Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0/

From local SteamCMD hosting: Saves are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PalServer\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\0

From a Linux/Windows dedicated server: Locate the folder /PalServer/Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0/ on your server.

Uploading Save to DatHost

Ensure your DatHost server has been started and connected at least once to create an initial save file.
Stop the server.
Navigate to /Saved/SaveGames/0 and open the last folder, often named with random characters.
If multiple folders exist, determine the active one using GameUserSettings.ini and the DedicatedServerName= entry.
Replace the existing files with your saved files by dragging and dropping them into the folder.
Start the server and connect!
If prompted to create a new character, adjust the "Character File System" settings from Epic to Steam (or vice versa) under the Settings page and try again:

Transfer Save from Co-op

Transferring a co-op save to a dedicated server requires an external tool, such as palworld-host-save-fix by JannikBirn, since the game does not support transfers natively.

Launch Palworld and select "Start Game".
Select the world you want to transfer to DatHost and click the folder icon in the bottom left to locate the world files.
This is your save files – keep this folder open throughout the guide.
Go to your DatHost Control Panel, stop your Palworld server, and click "Edit."
In the File Manager (left menu), go to /Saved/SaveGames/0 and open the last folder, usually named with random characters.
Delete the contents of this folder.
Upload your world files located in step 3 (excluding the WorldOption.sav file) to this now empty directory.
Follow instructions for character transfer here: JannikBirn's palworld-host-save-fix @ GitHub
Note: As of February 7, 2024, using external tools is the only method for properly transferring co-op saves. We acknowledge the complexity and time consumption of this process. Unfortunately, until Pocketpair introduces improved save migration support, this workaround remains the only option.
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