Palworld: Performance and Lag Issues

Experiencing lag on your Palworld game server? Don't worry, it's a common issue, often caused by inefficient memory and CPU utilization. While developers are actively working on resolving these bugs, here are some simple steps you can take to improve your server's performance on DatHost, keeping in mind that Palworld is still in its early access stage.

Why is my Palworld server lagging?

Server lag is normal in early access games like Palworld due to optimization challenges. The good news is that these issues will be fixed soon, and the game will become more stable over time. Patience is key as improvements are underway.

Announcement by the Palworld creators.

How to reduce lag on your Palworld server:

Follow these beginner-friendly steps to minimize lag on your DatHost Palworld server:

  1. Regularly Restart Your Game Server:
    • Restarting your Palworld server helps clear memory and CPU leaks, reducing RAM consumption and overall CPU usage for better performance.
  2. Turn off any use of VPN's:
    • If you are using a VPN when connecting to the server, we'd advise you to turn it off. VPNs will extend the routing which can cause lags and hiccups.
  3. Relocate the server:
    • Check the Settings tab to see if there are locations available that you could relocate to.
    • Poor connections often have an impact on all player's performance. It is important that all players on the server has a stable connection - it might be worth picking the location closest to the player with the poorest location.
    • If the issue originates from routing, relocating the server may also help.
  4. DropItemMaxNum: Another community suggestion is to lower the parameter for the maximum number of items that can be dropped. The default value is 3000, and we recommend lowering it to 500.

  5. DropItemAliveMaxHours: It has also been reported to help lower the parameter for the number of hours an item can remain dropped. The default is set to 1 hour, but lowering it to 0.5 (half an hour) has been reported to boost performance.

  6. Disable Invader Enemies
    • Disabling the setting "Invader Enemies" will most likely help the memory leak issue:

What if nothing helps?

If server restarts don't resolve the lag and DatHost support confirms that your dedicated server resources are sufficient, we'd recommend you to reach out the creators of Palworld and report the bug in the Palworld Discord.

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