Palworld: Admin & Commands

Go to your DatHost Control Panel
Click Edit on your Palworld server
Go to the Settings tab found in the left menu.
Search for "Admin" in the search-bar and set a password in the Admin Password parameter.
The password should contain both letters and numbers.
Save and Reboot the server.
Join the Palworld Server and open the chat-window.
Type /AdminPassword yourpasswordhere to achieve admin access. Done!

Admin Commands List

Command Description
/Info Show server information
/Save Save world data
/Broadcast {MessageText} Show message to all players on the server
/ShowPlayers List all players on the server
/TeleportToPlayer {Steam ID} Teleport yourself to that player
/TeleportToMe {Steam ID} Teleport that player to you
/KickPlayer {Steam ID} Kick that player from the server
/BanPlayer {Steam ID} Ban that player from the server
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} Shutdown the server for everyone after a set time
/DoExit Immediately stop the server
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