Palworld: Characters and Progress Lost

We understand that losing progress on your Palworld server can be frustrating, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. This issue has been identified as a confirmed bug in the game that requires attention from the game developer for a resolution. The developer is aware of this critical bug, and it is likely one of their top priorities to address. Many hosting providers, including official servers, are currently grappling with this issue, affecting numerous players.

Potential Workarounds (Note: Proceed at Your Own Risk):

While waiting for an official fix, some community-suggested workarounds have surfaced. It's important to note that these solutions come from the Palworld community, and we cannot guarantee their effectiveness or provide support for any issues that may arise from attempting them. We recommend considering these options only as a last resort, as they carry some risk.

Workaround #1 - Đào Trọng Nghĩa (Proceed at Your Own Risk)

Workaround #2

Have one player join the server (BUT DO NOT CREATE A NEW CHARACTER), simply just stay in the new character creation menu.
Now Stop the server.
Wait 10-15 minutes.
Start the server.
After that, your character's progress should be back, and you can continue playing.

Workaround #3

xNul's workaround, instructions available on GitHub.

Feedback and Collaboration:

If you decide to try any of these workarounds, we would appreciate your feedback on whether they were successful. This information will not only help you but also benefit other users facing similar issues. Additionally, if we discover verified workarounds, we will share them with the community and create official guides to assist players.

Ongoing Updates:

We understand the challenges associated with progress loss, and we share your frustration. As soon as the game developer releases an official fix for this bug, we will communicate the solution to our community promptly. We appreciate your patience and hope for a smoother experience on your Palworld server in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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