Palworld: Backups

Every Palworld server at DatHost is backed up once a day. We are in the process of implementing functionality so that you can generate backups on demand. However, before then, please follow the instructions below on how you can download a backup locally.

Download a backup manually

Go to the DatHost Control Panel and click Edit on your Palworld Server.
Go to the Settings tab found in the left menu.
Right-click on the Saved directory and select "Download folder as .zip"
Done! You have now downloaded a backup of your Palworld server to your local PC.
If you want to use a backup that you have manually downloaded. Simply delete the Saved directory from the File Manager, then replace it with your own backup by dragging and dropping it back.

Create a backup on demand

You are also free to create a backup on demand. This can be done through the Backups tab of your Palworld server control panel.

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