CSGO: Add Workshop Collection

To use workshop maps you would need to create a collection by following the steps below. If you already have a collection, you can go to step 6 in the guide below.
Go to the CS:GO workshop and find some maps you want to add, usually by searching for surf, kz_, or whatever maps you like. Subscribe to the maps you want to add.
Create a CS:GO collection by clicking Browse → Collection → Create Collection on the right side - or click this link.
Enter the details needed and click Save and Continue.    
Click on the Subscribed Items Tab and add the maps you want by clicking the plus sign. When done, click Save and Continue.
Click the Publish button at the top. 
Get the ID of your collection. If you look at the URL bar on your collection page the last series of digits is your collection ID. Copy this number.
Go to your Control Panel at DatHost → Click Edit on your CSGO Server → Go to Advanced settings
Change Maps Source to Workshop, and then paste your collection ID in the field for Workshop collection ID.
Click Save & Reboot.
That's it! Your server will now be downloading the new maps, and when it's done you can run them.
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