CS2: Plugins List [MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp]

We understand that many of our CS2 server users have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of plugin support. In this informative article, we will address the current status of plugins in CS2 servers, share our plans for the future, and discuss potential workarounds for those looking to enhance their gaming experience.

As of December 2023, there are several plugins available for CS2 based on the framework known as MetaMod. Although these plugins are slightly trickier to install than it was for CS:GO, they still allow for extended functionality.

Install MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp on your CS2 server

Go to your DatHost Control Panel
Click Edit on your CS2 server
Go to the Mods & Plugins found in the left menu.
Activate MetaMod by clicking the "MetaMod" box.
Optionally, if you want to use CounterStrikeSharp plugins too, tick it in the one-click installer.
Save and Reboot the server. Done!

Now, you can install any MetaMod and CounterStrikeSharp plugin available in the one-click installer, or any plugin you want to upload manually through the File Manager.

List of MetaMod Plugins

Plugin URL Requirements
Practice & Scrim for CS2 https://github.com/marqdevx/mm-cs2-scrim MetaMod
Fake RCON https://github.com/Salvatore-Als/cs2-fake-rcon MetaMod
K4-SimpleRanks https://github.com/K4ryuu/CS2_SimpleRanks MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp
CS2 KZ https://github.com/zer0k-z/cs2kz_metamod MetaMod
Surf - SharpTimer https://github.com/DEAFPS/SharpTimer MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp
Surf Combat https://github.com/shobhit-pathak/MatchZy MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp
LuaUnlocker https://github.com/Source2ZE/LuaUnlocker MetaMod
DM Rank https://github.com/noahbkim/cs2s-plugin-dmrank MetaMod
CS2JailBreak https://github.com/destoer/Cs2Jailbreak MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp
AFK Manager https://github.com/NiGHT757/AFKManager MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp
CS2 Advertisement https://github.com/johnoclockdk/cs2-advertisement MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp
Auto Map Changer https://github.com/skaen/Auto-Map-Changer MetaMod & CounterStrikeSharp

Alternative to plugins

We have made some alternative solutions for our customers so that you are still able to enjoy the freedom of CS2 servers.

PracticeMode alternative: Practice Configuration

PugSetup, scrim alternative: Scrim Configuration

Get5, tournament organizers: CS2 Match API

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