CS2: Connect to Server

In this guide, we'll go through the steps necessary in order to connect to a CS2 dedicated server, as a player, or as a GOTV spectator.

How to connect - Console

Go to your DatHost Control Panel
Click Edit on your CS2 server
Hover the server IP, on your CS2 server, and use the orange Copy symbol to copy the IP-address.
To connect to the GOTV IP, manually copy and paste the IP address on the right of GOTV. Make sure to enable GOTV in the Settings tab before.
Now, launch the Counter-Strike 2 game.
Go to the Settings menu. Then, head over to the GAME tab.
Skip to Step 8 if you already have enabled the in-game console.
Turn on the Enable Developer Console (~) feature by setting it to YES.
By default, the console button is set to ~ but you can modify that bind in the keyboard settings
Finally, open the console and paste the server IP from Step 3, and click Enter to connect.
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