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We take server performance very seriously and that is one of the main reasons we are one of the best game server providers out there. We truly understand the importance of high-quality and performing servers, and we will never cut any corners when it comes to performance.

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Server Hardware

Our servers run on enterprise hardware and premium DDoS-protected networks. The server’s hardware differs depending on the location, but a common server looks something like this: 

  • CPU: EPYC 9754, EPYC 7443P, Ryzen 7950X3D and Ryzen 7900 are the most common ones.
  • RAM: up to 768GB of DDR5 ECC memory (shared)
  • Storage: NVMe or SATA SSD. 30GB is included with every Palworld server, excluding installation.
  • Network: 10 Gbps or more

Server Monitoring

All our Palworld servers are being monitored 24/7 to make sure they get the performance needed to avoid hiccups in the game. As we have full access to our hardware, our advanced custom-built monitoring can do very detailed monitoring of all our servers and quickly alert us of any potential issues that might occur. 

In addition to this, we also have external uptime and performance monitoring that monitors our server's performance 24/7, from locations all over the world, to ensure they are always performing according to our high standards. 

Server Upgrades

We do not offer the option that some other providers might do, to pay for an “upgrade” to your server. Instead, we take the approach where all our servers will have the best performance possible. We won’t apply any RAM usage limitations or CPU throttling to your server, we will always serve the performance needed.

All our servers are running on enterprise hardware that is very modern and up-to-date, so performance won’t be an issue.

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