Enshrouded: Upload World Save

A simple guide on how to upload your local Enshrouded world from PC, Steam to a Dedicated Server.

Go to your DatHost Control Panel
Click Edit on your Enshrouded server
Start and then Stop the server. This is required so that the server generates the resources we need.
Go to the File Manager tab in the left menu, and open the /savegame directory.
Rename the current world ID, and add (old) to it.
Open the File Explorer on your PC.
Navigate to the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata and open the folder named after your Steam32 ID (e.g 113479210).
You can find your Steam32 ID here.
Find the Enshrouded folder, which is labeled: 1203620
Open the folder named remote, this contains your world saves.
If you have multiple worlds, a good practice is to sort by date. The world that was last edited is the world you last played on.
Drag and drop the 2 world files into the /savegames folder of your server File Manager.
Now, rename the 2 world files you just uploaded, to the original world ID of the server.
In this case:
23u2d33 -> 3ad85aea
23u2d33_info > 3ad85aea_info
Start the server. Done!
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