Sons of the Forest: How to add Admin

Go to your Control Panel at DatHost and click Edit on your Sons of the Forest Server.
Go to the File Manager found in the left menu
Navigate to the file SaveDir/ownerswhitelist.txt or search for "ownerswhitelist" in the search bar to find the file.

You will see a pre-written text in the file. Delete all the text.
Now, find the SteamID64 of the account you wish to make administrator. You can find the ID at the top of this page: Remember to be logged-in on Steam.
You can also use a third-party website such as to find your SteamID64.
Add your SteamID64 in the file. In the example below can you see how we have added 2 administrators, therefore, 2 different SteamID's.
Save the file, and Reboot the server. Done!
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