Sons of the Forest: Update Server

We update our Sons of the Forest Servers automatically within 15 minutes after a new update is released.

When a new release becomes available, we ensure that all our host servers are automatically updated within 15 minutes. After this, our system schedules a reboot for all servers when they're empty as soon as possible. This reboot process typically takes up to an hour. If you wish to avoid waiting, you can manually reboot your server from the Control Panel.

If your server does not receive the update, or if you encounter any issues, please reach out to us, and we'll work to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Common questions:

Q: How will I know when a new update is available?

A: Endnight Games, the developer, will provide information about updates on the game's Steam page. Our system checks for new updates on Steam every 15 minutes.

Q: Will updating the game affect my saved progress?

A: No, updating the server will not affect your saved progress, and you will be able to resume your game as normal after the update.

Q: What happens if there are issues with the update?

A: If there are any issues with the update, we will work quickly to address them and provide instructions on how to resolve them. You can contact our support team for assistance.

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