V Rising: How to Use Admin Commands

V Rising has a whole list of different admin commands. They can be used to speed up the process of finishing certain tasks, keeping your player base in order or simply turning your land into an empire.

Enable the Use of Admin Commands

Start your V Rising game.
Go to Options found on the Main Menu. Confirm that you are on the "General" tab.
Make sure that the Console Enabled box is marked. Image example below:
Press the tilde (`) key just below ESC to open the console.
Type adminauth in the Console and press Enter.
If you exit the game and return later, note that you must type adminauth in the console to enable this again.
Now you can type “List” and press TAB to complete the auto-fill and then press Enter. A full list of all available commands will be displayed.
Note that you must already be an admin in order to access the admin commands of your V Rising server. Please refer to this article, V Rising: How to Become a V Rising Admin
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