V Rising: How to Become an Admin

Becoming an admin on a V Rising server is necessary for enabling admin access. This opens up the possibility to use admin commands, such as teleporting, debugging, and other general features.

Become a V Rising Admin

Go to your Control Panel at DatHost and Click Edit on your V Rising Server.
Go to the File Manager found in the left menu
Use the Search Bar found at the top of the File Manager and enter adminlist.txt
It can also be found by navigating to vrising/save-data/Settings/adminlist.txt
Enter your SteamID64 in the file. If you want to have multiple admins, just add the following admins SteamID64 in a new line. You can find your SteamID64 at https://steamid.io Example below.
Save the file and Reboot your server.
Once a player is given admin access, they will still need to enable the console through their own game. To get ready for using Admin Commands, please follow this article. V Rising: How to Use Admin Commands
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