ARK: How to use Admin Commands

To use admin commands on your ARK server, you need to authenticate yourself as an admin. You can do so either by password or by adding your SteamID to a whitelist.

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Using admin password

Setting an admin password allows you to authenticate yourself as an admin by typing the password into the console. Follow these steps:

Set an Admin Password from the Settings Page of your server
Open the Console in-game (the default key to open is TAB)
Enter enablecheats youradminpassword to authenticate yourself as admin, where you enter the admin password you have set in step 1.
Now you will be able to use all admin commands available in the game!
Note: You still need to type “cheat” before every cheat command, e.g. “cheat fly”.

Using SteamID whitelist

If you don’t want to type the admin password to authenticate yourself every time, you could also create an admin whitelist. Follow these steps:

Go to your DatHost Control Panel and click Edit on your ARK Server.
Go to the File Manager found in the left menu.
Right-click on the folder Saved and click Create File. Name it AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt
In the file, list SteamID64:s for every admin, one per line. You can find your SteamID64 from websites like
Save the file and reboot your server.
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