API: Server Locations Mapping

We have servers in multiple locations worldwide. Low latency is of key importance in gaming, which is why we strive to provide gaming servers in as many locations as possible. 

See the table below for an up-to-date list of all currently available locations and their respective ID used in the API.

ID Country City
beauharnois Canada Toronto
new_york_city USA New York
los_angeles USA · CA Los Angeles
miami USA · FL Miami
chicago USA · IL Chicago
portland USA · WA Seattle
dallas USA · TX Dallas
helsinki Finland Helsinki
strasbourg France Paris
dusseldorf Germany Frankfurt
amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam
warsaw Poland Warsaw
moscow Russia Moscow
barcelona Spain Madrid
stockholm Sweden Stockholm
istanbul Turkey Istanbul
bristol United Kingdom London
sydney Australia Sydney
sao_paulo Brazil São Paulo
hong_kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
mumbai India Mumbai
tokyo Japan Tokyo
singapore Singapore Singapore
johannesburg South Africa Johannesburg
seoul South Korea Seoul
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