CSGO: 128-tick Network Commands

If your CS:GO client shows 64.0/s in up and cmd rate, even though you have a 128 tick server, that would be due to a faulty client configuration. In this article we will go through recommended network configurations for CS:GO. 

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Background information

From 18th January 2023, we have added these commands to our default server.cfg. No further actions are necessary.

When renting a 128-tick server from DatHost, we will set the server's tickrate to 128. But in order to send and receive updates 128 times per second, you need to either make sure that players connecting to the server have the correct network rates in their autoexec - or enforce it from the server side. 

Up, which is the value set by cl_updaterate, is the number of packets per second your client requests from the server. 

Cmd, which is the value set by cl_cmdrate, is the max number of packets your client sends to the server each second.

If a player on the server doesn’t have both these values set to 128, and it hasn’t been enforced by the server, that specific player will only receive and send updates 64 times per second.

Client Network Commands

The following are the recommended commands to have in your game's  autoexec config in regards to network settings. Do you have an internet connection slower than 6 Mbps? Set the rate to 196608 instead.

rate			"786432"
cl_cmdrate		"128"
cl_updaterate		"128"
cl_interp_ratio		"1"

Don’t have an autoexec.cfg already? Download our recommended autoexec.cfg here and place it in the following folder:

...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

You can also find the config folder by right-clicking CS:GO in Steam -> Manage -> Browse Local Files -> Open the “csgo” folder -> Open the “cfg” folder.

Do you have an internet connection slower than 6 Mbps? Use this autoexec.cfg instead.

Server Network Commands

If you wish to instead enforce every player connecting to the server to use 128 as the minimum cmd and updaterate, regardless of the player’s autoexec configuration, follow these steps:

Go to your DatHost Control Panel
Click Edit on your CS:GO Server
Go to Configs found in the left menu
Click Edit on the 1st config: “server.cfg”
Add the following at the bottom of the config:
sv_mincmdrate 		"128" 
sv_minupdaterate	"128"
sv_maxupdaterate 	"128"
sv_minrate 		"196608"
Click Save and then Reboot your server. 

Done! Now all players connecting will be enforced to use 128 as the minimum cmd and updaterate, required for 128 updates per second.

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