Account: Shared Account Access

You can invite other users to control your servers using the Shared Account Access feature. Any invited user will be able to start, stop, edit and delete servers on your account. The account and billing pages will not be accessible to invited users. 

Follow these steps to share access with another user

Go to your DatHost Control Panel
Go to the Account page found on the top menu
In the Shared Account Access section, enter an email address and click Add
Done! The invited user(s) will now have the option to switch to your account from their menu in the top-right corner.
To invite users to control the servers on your account, they need to be DatHost users. To create an account, sign up through this link.

Common questions:

Q: The users I invited cannot see my servers in their Control Panel.
A: The invited user would first need to switch to your account from the menu in order to see your servers. This option can be found in the top-right corner of the menu.

Q: Can I revoke access to someone I have invited?
A: Yes. You can revoke access of any user at any time from the Account page in your Control Panel, the same place where you added them.

Q: Can I change the permissions of what is allowed by the invited user(s)?
A: Unfortunately not, the standard permissions we apply are set for all invited users.

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