Valheim: Debug Mode / Cheat Commands

In Valheim, cheat commands can be entered into the console to give players access to special features or abilities. However, these cheat commands will not work on dedicated servers.

If you want to use cheat commands or access similar functionality on a dedicated server, you need to use mods/plugins. Mods are modifications to the game that are created by third-party developers and can add new features or change existing gameplay elements. 

Here are three examples of mods/plugins that may provide similar functionality to cheat commands on a dedicated server:

1. SKToolbox

SKToolbox is one of the most downloaded mods for Valheim, which was designed to extend the functionality of the console and chat commands. 

You only need to install this mod on your computer and you’re good to go!

Read more here about SKToolbox over at Nexusmods here

2. Server devcommands

Server devcommands were built with one purpose in mind: Allowing the use of console commands on dedicated servers. As simple as that. 

For some commands, it may be necessary to install the mod on both the server and client sides. However, for most commands, it is sufficient to install the mod on your own computer.

Read more about Server devcommands over at Nexusmods here

3. Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus is a mod that allows you to change multiple features, mechanics, and behaviors in the game. 

It might not be a direct replacement for the debug mode/cheat commands, but it certainly goes the extra mile if you want to take your game up a notch. To use this mod, you will need to install it on both the server and client sides.

Read more about Valheim Plus over at Nexusmods here

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