Palworld: Update Server

TL;DR: Your Palworld server is automatically updated within 30 minutes of a new release.

Here's a breakdown of our 5-step update process:

An update is released on Steam; our host machines update to the latest version within 15 minutes.
We schedule a reboot for all Palworld servers to apply the update. All reboots on DatHost are usually completed within 30 minutes.
A broadcast message is sent to your server 10 seconds before reboot:
"New game update: Rebooting in 10 seconds."
Just before rebooting, a final broadcast message is sent:
"Server rebooting: You can reconnect in 10 seconds."
Your server reboots and updates to the latest version.

If your server fails to update or if you experience any issues, please reach out to us, and we'll work to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Common questions:

How do I know when a new update is out?

Updates are announced by PocketPair (the game developers) on the game's Steam page and on their official Discord channel. Our system checks Steam every 15 minutes for incoming updates.

Will updates affect my saved progress?

No, your saved progress remains unaffected by server updates, and you can continue where you left off after the update.

What if there are problems with the update?

Should any update issues arise, we’ll promptly address them and help you resolve them. Our support team is always available for help.

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