CS2: Troubleshoot Performance Issues

We have extensive 24/7 server monitoring in place to make sure that our servers run without hiccups. In most cases where the server isn’t working as intended, it is due to some SourceMod plugin causing issues. 

Try and disable plugins
As your first troubleshooting measure, you should try to disable some or all of your plugins used if you have any installed. If that were to fix the issue, you would know that some of your plugins are causing the issue and you can reinstall them one by one until you find the faulty one.

Who is affected?
Secondly, you should think about if the issue affects everyone on the server or only a few of the players. If the performance issue is isolated to a few players, then it’s most likely that the issue is on those players' end rather than the server itself.

If you are still having continuous issues, contact our support and we will help you troubleshoot further.

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